Our Process

Beine & Associates, LLC

The Secret of our Success in recruiting

“Our objective in engineering recruiting is to know and represent our candidates and clients equally well.” thats the secret quite simply put.



We find candidates through a variety of repeatable processes. Networking, word of mouth, and long standing relationships are leveraged.

Submit & Represent

When we submit a candidate a full profile is submitted with details not avaible on a resume, these all indicate how well a candidate matches our clients job order, the candidates availability and compensation requirements, and finally our scoring metrics by category. We coordiante interviews and provide results objectively to facilitate post interview assessments and action plans for next steps.

Qualify & Match

Candidates are interviewed and scored on a long list of metrics. These metrics along with specific industry, process and skill codes are used to determine a general match. After a person is shortlisted our associates then make a decision on a go-nogo basis for submission.

Offer, Place & Guarantee

When a candidate is selected for hire we facilitate at the clients option the offerpresentation and acceptance. Introduce the candidate to the clients onboarding process, pre-employment screening, paperwork, and coordiante the start date. Once a placement is made it doesn’t not end there. We provide an objective 3rd party employee satisfaction layer that helps with identifying isses to retaining the candidate long term. It’s a personal touch that goes a long way to facilitating communication and problem solving.