Presenting – Engineering Success News Vol 1. Issue 1.

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Presenting – Engineering Success News Vol 1. Issue 1.

Good morning! And welcome to Monday. A beautiful day made for you -regardless of the weather or the economic environment, you find yourself in. Today is your day to shine.

So recently our server crashed because we getting more traffic and asking more of the server than the software was set up to handle. Which folded our blog. Yes, all the posts were trapped in an unusable state. So we took the opportunity to start something new and create something more valuable for you. The engineer.

Enter ESN, or Engineering Success News. This is essentially what we are calling our new weblog. I am even inspired to make it a video log or VLOG at some point. But it will take time and resources to get that together. For now please enjoy!

Let’s start with some old data: here are some interesting bits or data about engineering jobs.


Now for 2019 data

According to Indeed… (supposed to be representative of the current job climate for engineers) …

A Chest‐Laminated Ultrathin and Stretchable E‐Tattoo for the Measurement of Electrocardiogram, Seismocardiogram, and Cardiac Time Intervals


From LinkedIN News: Bitcoin surges above $11,000; will $1B ease the housing crisis?, and more top news

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Have a great day!

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